Aim for Better Sleep with Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

In our busy, modern lives where we are constantly juggling work schedules, finances and family life, then it is, all too often, easy to find ourselves feeling too stressed to sleep.

Well, if that sounds like you then you might want to look at visiting a fully qualified, and insured, Solution Focused Hypnotherapy practitioner whose training and skills can help you to relax with the aiming of helping you to sleep better at night.

“We all live increasingly busy and hectic lifestyles,” explains Sally Potter, who is based in Ivybridge and Plymouth. “Modern living can see our stress levels quickly build up.”

“When we go to sleep then the brain normally reduces stress levels by using something called Rapid Eye Movement, or REM sleep.”

“Unfortunately REM is limited to 20% of our sleep pattern, so, if there is a lot of perceived stress in your life, then you quickly use up that 20% of REM, and, as a result, you may find that you wake up and struggle to return to sleep.”


Sally uses Solution Focused Hypnotherapy to help people focus on positive aspects of life and then helps clients find solutions to certain issues before a session continues by using safe hypnotic techniques to further reduce stress.

“By cutting down on stress in the comfort of the clinic then we find that the client can feel more relaxed and so can then experience a good night’s sleep.”

“ It may take a number of sessions for the effect of therapy to be felt but those effects can be very beneficial – not just for aiding sleep,  but the techniques can also be useful for helping with weight, stress and anger management issues.”

Sally is a member of the Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy which insists on the highest standards of practice among its members who are expected to be fully qualified, insured and Enhanced DBS checked.

They are also required to attend regular supervision and career development sessions designed to provide them with the latest research in psychology, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy.

Sally has rooms in Ivybridge and Plymouth, and can be contacted on 01752 894160 or 07792 896225 to arrange a FREE initial consultation at either practice.

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