Loosening up with Nessie

This little phrase has become quite relevant to me this week, for several reasons. One is that on Sunday I’m going to cycle the ‘Etape Loch Ness‘ with my husband. We’ve been training for a few months, and it will be the furthest that I have ever cycled, and certainly the biggest event I’ve ever taken part in. 5200 riders and 66 miles around the Loch! I have to admit, I’m a little anxious, as well as very excited!

I’ve discovered, through trial and error, that ‘loosening up’ is the best way to make it up our Devon hills, and indeed down the other side again, with the least amount of pain. When I overthink the hills, I become tense, lose confidence, and breathe shallowly, which doesn’t help at all. Relaxing, taking things one pedal stroke at a time, and just looking at the tarmac in front of me, instead of at the top of the hill, and before I know it, I’m there.

One of my lovely clients asked me this week, if there was one thing I might suggest that would help them in the next few days, and I said ‘let go – loosen your hold’. Sometimes we need to allow ourselves to loosen up a little and hold on to things a little less tightly, in order to allow an easy flow. With the loosening of the grip comes a realisation of what really is important, and sometimes this can be a surprise! Hypnosis is a wonderful way to allow this to happen, and a few sessions of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can set you on the road to learning how to properly let go for yourself.

Give it a go – relax a little, loosen your hold, and see what happens!



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