The importance of small steps

This week, Sam Trigg, who is almost part of our family (can I say that, Sam?) achieved a lifetime goal when he jumped over 16m in the triple jump. Incredible – that’s further than the length of the longest double decker bus in the UK! But Sam didn’t just achieve that distance overnight.

There was once a time when jumping 16m seemed impossible – a distant dream – and even 14m was something to strive towards, but by paying attention to his coaches, by accepting every extra centimetre as a step towards the ultimate goal, he steadily put in place all the necessary building blocks which allowed him to jump that huge distance.

And this is a great way to look at all of our goals, however near or however distant.  Breaking them down into small steps which move us slowly but surely in the right direction, we can take pride in every little achievement, and it’s that sense of achievement, those feelings of self-fulfilment and congratulation which allow us to take the next small step.

For Sam, the steps are literally huge, with the reward being perhaps an extra centimetre, but one day, even 16m is going to seem insignificant! Go Sam!

Sam Trigg breaking the 16m barrier



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