‘Can I increase my confidence with Hypnotherapy?’

Confidence is something we all need a bit of every now and then, and for some it seems to disappear at the most important times! Often it has been hidden by turmoil or stress, and in this case, it can be frustrating to find that where you used to be confident, you now worry about the smallest things.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is all about helping you to find the solutions to your problems. Beginning by switching off the stress and with skilful questioning, your hypnotherapist enables you to find hidden strengths and to allow those strengths to become fully yours again, so that you can use them to your highest potential. Bit by bit, you will find that you can do more, as you work with your hypnotherapist towards reaching your goals. Often on the way, clients discover new things about themselves that open up previously un-thought of opportunities for growth and development. It’s an exciting journey!

Here is a recent email I received from a client –

“Hello Sally,
Just to let you know, the tender presentation went really well…worried about talking for 15 minutes – ended up doing 45…thanks so much!”

Whether you need your confidence for you job, your exams, your social life, or just to allow you to get through the day, Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can give you the tools to get back on track.

Call to arrange a FREE initial consultation on 01752 894160. Emergency appointments for exam students are available!

Best Wishes

Sally x

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