Feeling overwhelmed?

“I feel overwhelmed – can hypnotherapy help?”

At this time of year, despite the holiday feeling that comes with the longer, warmer days, life can seem rather overwhelming. At work – “who is going to do my job when I’m away?’ or ‘how on earth am I going to do my job and his, whilst HE is away?’ At school – exams continue, and then there’s sports day, end of year parent’s evenings, leavers assemblies, prom… the list is endless. Even preparing for a restful holiday is hard work – who’s going to look after the goldfish, etc etc..

So what’s the answer? We are becoming more aware that stress is harmful both physically and mentally – the cover article in this months New Scientist by Caroline Williams says that even short term stress can add up to undermine our health, by causing inflammation that causes our immune system to over react. When this process doesn’t stop, we are at increased risk for infection, depression and even cardiovascular disease.

Solution focused hypnotherapy is an approach with two angles. We reduce the stress and improve sleep patterns using hypnosis – a very natural and relaxing process, and through skilful questioning we enable you to use the resources which you already have to seek solutions which will help create a better future for yourself. Bit by bit, situations which once seemed overwhelming begin to seem insignificant, as your thoughts change and you regain control.

I offer a free initial consultation. If you would like to know more, please call me on 01752 894160 to chat or arrange an appointment.

Have a fabulous Summer!

Best Wishes,


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