Can Hypnotherapy help with weight loss?


Hypnotherapy is a fabulous tool for weight management, because it doesn’t focus on the problem!

Often people who would like to lose weight have lost confidence in themselves, which means that they have also lost confidence in their ability to manage their eating habits and therefore their weight. By recognising that our clients have all the tools necessary to be in control of their lives, Solution Focused Hypnotherapists are able to help those clients rediscover their confidence, changing the way that they think in order to bring about change – often not just in managing weight, but in lots of other amazing ways!

One recent client who came to me for weight management found that her work life improved, her social life is back on track, and best of all she is sleeping well – here’s what she says –

“You’ll be pleased to know I’m still sleeping far better than I can ever remember and this week I’m even off to the pool for a swim. A small step, however a small step in the right direction. Once again thank you for all your help! “

When you are really ready to change, and to participate in the process of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy with the help of an experienced and qualified hypnotherapist, those changes are long lasting. You may be interested to read an article recently written by Psychotherapist Jean Fain on which discusses this topic.

I offer a free initial consultation. If you would like to know more, please call me on 01752 894160, to chat or arrange an appointment, or use the contact form here.

Have a fabulous August!

Best Wishes,

Sally x

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