Stoptober – who’s in?

stop smoking

It’s STOPTOBER! (well, almost)

“Can I really stop smoking with hypnotherapy?”

Yes you can. If you have decided that you really want to stop, hypnotherapy can be the final piece of the jigsaw that actually makes it happen! It take just one, two hour session and you’ll be a non smoker.

A lot of people wonder how this can happen when nicotine is such an addictive substance. The reason is that it isn’t. Nicotine has a very brief effect on our brain, actually increasing anxiety in the long term, and it isn’t powerful enough to be physically addictive. If it was, smokers wouldn’t be able to travel on long haul flights, or even sleep all night, because they would need to get up and have a cigarette. So the ‘addiction’ is really a habit, and hypnosis is excellent at changing habits, however long they have been around. I have successfully treated smokers who started smoking at age 14, and have smoked 20-40 cigarettes every day for years.

In fact, as well as smoking, hypnotherapy can deal with habits such as nail biting,vaping, and anything that you can think of that you want to change. The exciting thing is that we don’t ever need to stay as we are, because our brains are ‘plastic’ meaning that we can change the way we think, feel and behave every day for the whole of our lives!

If you are ready for change, call me on 01752 894160 or email to arrange an appointment.

Here’s to the new you!

Best Wishes,

Sally x

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