Time slowed down

Yesterday we experienced a power cut that lasted almost 14 hours. It was amazing! It was as though time had slowed right down. Once we had organised the candles and decided which room to live in whilst we waited for heat and light to be restored, there really wasn’t much to do.

For the first time in a long time, the whole family, including all 3 ‘children’ (16, 17 and 20!) spent several hours talking to each other in the same room. We shared the tasks, laughed at the strangeness of it all, played a game or two and felt pretty relaxed. Without the continuous pull of social media, time became real, we were living ‘in the moment’, experiencing the day as it came and went – quietly, engaged and calm.

I suppose what this imposed sabbatical from reality did was shine a spotlight on what we take for granted, and whilst it was there, show us what we are missing. I really appreciated it when the lights came back on, but I loved the slow time in the semi darkness as well.

It was so good that we’re thinking of making it a regular thing. Power cut evenings. We even looked better in candlelight :0

Taking time out is a luxury for many. Time to really switch off. Hypnotherapy can provide the space and time for switching off – discovering a new way of seeing things. If you’d like to experience it for yourself, contact Sally here.

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