Can I be hypnotised?

The state of awareness that is known as trance is a normal everyday occurrence for humans. Anyone who has ever daydreamed has been in trance – it’s that lovely ‘other-wordly’ feeling that we get when we have allowed our mind to do it’s own thing. We’re on auto pilot. This state is good for us – it helps configure memories and is restorative for the brain. Some of our best ideas come to us in these moments of drifting freely – no worries about the past or future, just being. 

When clients are particularly anxious, it can be difficult to begin with, to allow this state of trance to be induced by someone else – a hypnotherapist – and this may lead to the conclusion that one can’t be hypnotised. Most often, even the most “unhypnotisable” clients learn to let go and to enjoy the wonderful experience of being in trance, and this is the start of a fantastic new journey, a more elevated mental and emotional vantage point, from which all the best options and opportunities in life are always available, will always be seen. 

I recently read in Matthew Walkers wonderful book ‘Why we sleep’ that Paul McCartney’s hit song ‘Yesterday’ came to him in a dream, and that Mendeleev came up with the correct order for the periodic table whilst he slept. Imagine what you could do if you were able to open your own treasure-house of creativity through hypnosis…..

To experience the transformative power of hypnosis for yourself, contact me now.

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