What are your Best Hopes?

Hope may be what drives us on. But what if we don’t have hope? If we feel that hope is gone? This is where Solution Focused therapy steps in – enabling us to identify our hopes and bring them to fruition. Because when hope is restored, everything becomes possible.

Today I met a homeless young man on the street. I stopped and asked him how he came to be where he was, and he told me his story of loss and bad luck. The fine lines that had led from a comfortable home and relationship and a family, to sleeping in a car park until the police move him on. I asked him about his trade, and he told me that he hoped to be back in work soon, because he enjoyed work, the satisfaction of working and the comradeship. I asked if he was hungry now, because it had been my intention to buy him some food, but no, he told me that his best hope for the rest of the day was to raise enough to pay for a B&B tonight, that more than anything he wanted a shower and to sleep in a comfortable bed. I helped him towards that goal, and wished him all the best in realising his dream of getting back to work.

What struck me as I left him, apart from the utter shame of the fact of homelessness on our streets, was that despite everything that had happened, here was still hope. When we hold onto our vision of what we want, rather than what we don’t want, we move ourselves towards that goal. For most of us, there is a bigger goal – one that may seem unattainable right now – and lots of smaller ones. Each day we hope to achieve some small goal, which may move us towards the larger one. For some of us, it’s impossible to even see those small goals because we are overwhelmed by just trying to get through the day, or the next hour, and the bigger achievements may seem ridiculously out of reach. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy helps by creating a relaxed space where hope becomes real, and goals become achievable.

“Yesterday has gone, tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin” Mother Teresa

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