Can hypnotherapy help me lose weight?

Eating is a funny old thing. As primitive people, what we ate would have been determined by what we could hunt for or gather, and we would have had the ability to fast when we needed to, or cut right back when stores were low, and also to gorge if necessary – going well beyond our feeling of fullness in order to store fuel in our bodies for another time. 

Today, what we eat is a matter of choice for most people. Food is readily available all of the time and we can eat when we want to, what we want to. And this is the problem. 

Our primitive brain is just that – still primitive. It’s changed very little over thousands of years, so it is very keen to make sure that we have enough food on board to see us through the rough times, and it hasn’t quite caught up with the fact that the Co-Op is just down the road!

Hypnotherapy steps in to help ‘reset’ the primitive brain away from it’s old habits, and to make sure that it’s our more modern, intellectual brain that’s in charge when it comes to making choices about food. When you’re committed to change in this way, hypnotherapy is extremely effective – you’re back in control!

Contact me if you’d like to talk about regaining control of your weight this summer. I look forward to hearing from you, 

Best Wishes


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