Decisions, decisions

Isn’t it great to have choice? Choose what to eat for breakfast, what to wear, who to call today? Or big things like applying for a job, choosing where to live. Exciting, huh?

Then again… if you’re anxious, choice can seem overwhelming. What if I make the wrong choice, what if that means this goes wrong, that goes wrong?

Time and again, I see clients for whom choice is a problem, and this is because they have a hyper-alert ‘fight, flight, fear’ mechanism which just loves to flag up all the possible pitfalls of each choice, and send them into a spiral of negative thought and worry.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to be able to just relax and let go of the worries, choosing things because they are right NOW, and not even thinking about what might (or might not) happen in the future (or perhaps what went wrong in the past)?

This is what hypnosis can do – calming that over-vigilant ‘security guard’ and bringing choice back under the control of our rational, sensible brain. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy goes one step further – making sure that it’s the rational brain that’s in charge before hypnosis even begins, so that creativity and new ideas come along almost like magic ( it’s not magic, but it can sometimes seem like it!)

If you’d like to regain this sort of control and put yourself back in charge of your choices, give me a call and arrange a free of charge initial consultation. I look forward to hearing from you.

Sally Potter – 01752894160

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