Daydreaming is always a good idea..

I’m sitting here with half an hour between clients, with ideas and thoughts whizzing around. You know the thing – contemplating the conversation I’ve just had and looking forward to the next one. Thinking about sleep, and trance. Listening to the sound of the construction happening across the road, mingled with the sound of seagulls calling ( the office is a stones throw from the sea). Daydreaming almost.


I’m also mid chat with Ash – a fabulous web designer and social media guru – about his new lower cost video service where they convert blogs into video, that is proving really popular. 

Here’s the link  

It’s exciting and interesting to see new ways of doing things, and it reminded me that I haven’t written a blog for a while, so here I am!


The thing is, that daydreaming is a very valuable skill. When we allow our minds to go wandering off, we make all sorts of interesting connections. I was talking about this with my client earlier this afternoon. We were noticing how, once you have an idea that begins to take shape clearly in your mind, you become aware of all sorts of the same things. As a rather daft example, when we first had a dog ( Betty, our lovely Springer Spaniel) I suddenly saw Springer Spaniels everywhere I went! This happens because the part of our brain that stores memories is very good at pattern matching. 


Pattern matching is important for making connections, learning and being creative. We can make it even more effective by clearly visualising what we want. When we visualise our goals, our brain knows what we want. It can pattern match so that we become more aware of opportunities and ideas that have something to do with that goal. 

Am I making sense? In a way I’m daydreaming on paper, and that’s no bad thing. The ideas I put down now will crystallise into something later on, and I’ll take those little crystals and turn them into diamonds.  

That’s why daydreaming is always a good idea. Thanks Ash!

Need help crystallising your daydreams? Contact me


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