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Looking for online talking therapy? I offer Solution Focused Brief Therapy and Hypnotherapy via online session.

Stress Awareness Week

When was the last time you totally relaxed? Allowed yourself the time and space to really do nothing at all? And what difference did it make to you when you did? Clients often report better creativity, decision making skills and pain reduction when they start giving themselves the gift of 'nothing'.

New at Nature’s Larder in September

If you’ve ever considered Hypnotherapy, it’s probably been through a desire to change something.  Perhaps you have a fear or phobia, or want to change a habit? Has anxiety taken over your life?

Reasons To Get Outside

At any time of year there are great reasons to get outside! Fresh air, sunshine, exercise, light. In the Spring though, now there’s something special.

Superstition, Imagination and Reality

Our perception of situations can be coloured by all sorts of things – history; culture; religion; folklore.

Can we push too hard towards our goals?

On the road to achieving our goals, we will encounter obstacles and difficulties which will often need an extra effort to overcome.

Daydreaming Is Always A Good Idea

I’m sitting here with half an hour between clients, with ideas and thoughts whizzing around. You know the thing – contemplating the conversation I’ve just had and looking forward to the next one.

Lets Talk Onions

How do you find the real you? Does it feel as though you are hidden beneath layers of events, anxiety, trauma? This is how one brilliant client recently described their journey from sleepless anxiety to calm and relaxed happiness.

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