Who can I help?

I think my friend needs help – is hypnotherapy right for him?

The answer to this is – it depends. Does he want help? Is he ready for change?

The first step on the road to a better future is the step of decision, of determination. It’s the motivation that drives us forward and enables us to keep going. So if you ask if I can help someone that you love, yes I can, just as long as it’s the friend that wants to change.

One of the ways that hypnotherapy helps is by creating the environment in our brain that allows solutions to be found. When we have a vision of our goal, however big or small that goal is, we can move towards that goal with everything we do, because our choices will be based on the achievement of that goal. That’s why hypnotherapy is so effective when we have a goal in mind, and we know what we want to achieve. The Solution Focused approach helps enormously in this regard, helping clients to clearly define their goals and the next steps needed to move closer to achieving them.

The first step towards discovering if Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is the right way forward for you is to meet me for an initial consultation. If you’re ready for change, give me a call on 01752 894160 now, or use the contact form.


Tales of the Unexpected

Just when we thought that Spring was arriving, today in South Devon, we’ve had snow! Even though I live on the Southern tip of Dartmoor, it’s rare to have more than a dusting of snow each year, so imagine my surprise when I looked up from my work and everything had turned white! The ability to enjoy change and to be adaptable and flexible is one of the joys of living without anxiety. When we perceive change as a threat, it can cause anxiety, so we need to do something to alter that perception, and this is where Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help. By altering the way that you see the world, and calming the part of your brain that is constantly on alert, we can create a calmer, more positive way to live your life – in control!



Self Esteem and how to have it

The way we feel about ourselves appears to be tied up with so many things, and maybe we are concerned about how we are seen by others, how we stack up against everyone else – whether we are ‘good enough’? This sense of ourselves has an enormous effect on so many areas of our lives – giving us confidence if we feel good, and leading to doubt and frustration if our self esteem has taken a knock – can hypnotherapy help here?

Most definitely! As a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist I believe that every single person has all the resources they need to be the absolute best version of themselves, and my job is to help you to find that hidden treasure. Using skilful solution focused questioning, I will enable you to work out what it is that you need to do to rediscover those resources, and using hypnosis, I give your subconscious mind the space and rest it needs to be creative about finding solutions. The use of this combined approach is very powerful, often leading to life-changing transformations within a short space of time.

What would you like to change? Do you need help sticking to resolutions? Finding the confidence to go for a promotion? Running the half marathon? Seeing yourself as you would like to be?

Whatever it is, give me a call, arrange an Initial Consultation and take the first step towards a more confident you.

Best Wishes,

Sally x

What will you change?

Are you looking to change your life for the better? Perhaps, with the start of a New Year, you are now looking to embrace a new you? Maybe you are unsure of change or where to start?

Perhaps you want to stop smoking? Perhaps you want to lose weight? Or, you may have a plan to find a new job or alter career direction and wish to improve your confidence?

If that sounds like you, perhaps now would be a good time to chat to a qualified and insured Solution Focused Hypnotherapy practitioner. The initial consultation with Sally Potter is free and she even supplies you with a free relaxation CD or MP3 download!

Sally is based at Ivybridge and Plymouth. She has plenty of experience in helping people achieve their goals and their dreams! 

“Stopping smoking is a common enquiry for this time of the year”, explains Sally. “I aim to help someone overcome the habit in one single session, so there is no need for the free initial consultation.

“We help someone quit by explaining how easy it can be to stop and embrace a new life where you can only gain in health and wealth! We also use hypnosis for around 45 minutes to help provide a supportive message for the subconscious part of the brain.

“Weight management is also an area where we can help a client by focusing on small changes to their lives that can help reduce stress and so improve healthy choices for losing weight.”

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy works by effectively reducing our ‘stress bucket’ levels through positive thinking and by the safe process of hypnosis when undertaken by a fully-qualified and insured AfSFH practitioner.

Confidence should start to increase over a number of sessions and the client will often feel they are calmer and more relaxed about life, which is often reflected by how they react to situations at work and at home.

Sally was awarded the Hypnotherapy Practitioner’s Diploma (HPD) in 2016 following extensive training as part of the Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy Training course.

Sally is a member of the Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (AfSFH), which ensures its members adhere to a strong ethical code and engage in regular supervision sessions. Sally is also studying for the Hypnotherapy Practioner Advanced Diploma, and the Clifton Practice Diploma in Medical Hypnotherapy. 

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can also be used to help improve sleep, aid in weight management, reduce phobias and fears, and help people to stop smoking.

Contact Sally  here to book a free initial conversation or request a call. We look forward to hearing from you!


Sleep and why it’s important

“ I can’t sleep – can hypnotherapy help?”

It’s funny, but I don’t often get asked to help purely with sleep, which is a shame, because hypnotherapy is so good at resetting our sleep patterns. When we regularly have a good night’s sleep, with plenty of deep restful phases and periods of REM (Rapid Eye Movement ) – more about these in a moment – we find life so much easier to manage.

REM sleep occupies at best 20% of our normal sleep pattern, and it’s an essential part of sorting out our problems and helping us to find solutions. If you have, or have had, a lot of stressful events or problems to resolve, and you don’t sleep well, you may well find that it doesn’t take too much to tip you over the edge into worry or anxiety the next day. A good night’s sleep on a regular basis helps keep stress at a manageable level so that we can be more creative about finding solutions. In addition, our memories are better, and depression and anxiety are lower when we sleep well.

Have a look at this article about the effects of sleep on the incidence of Alzheimers, recently published in New Scientist 

Hypnotherapy helps by replicating REM sleep and therefore allowing us to do some serious problem solving on the couch. It’s amazing to realise that during REM sleep our brain is working harder than it does when doing complex maths!

Clients report a clearer mind, more space to think and a more relaxed approach to situations after hypnotherapy – seeing things for what they are, in perspective – as well as the ability to think more positively.

If you would like to discover for yourself the power of hypnotherapy for transformation, please contact me and make an appointment for a free of charge, no obligation initial consultation, which also comes with a free relaxation track to help with sleep,

Have a restful November!

Sally x

Calm, Confidence and Focus


Tuesdays 6pm – 7.30pm starting on Tuesday 31st October

A four week course of Solution Focused Sessions with Hypnotherapy aimed at students aged 15-25 who need to reduce anxiety, and increase focus and confidence. You will learn the science behind anxiety, discover your inner strengths, sleep better and find your own solutions for managing your emotions and thoughts.

Sessions will include deep relaxation and a free mp3 audio file.

£60 per person (£15/session) Limited to six students per course. Sessions will take place at Aloft Hypnotherapy near Ivybridge ( joining instructions will be available on booking)
Message Sally via the aloftypnotherapy.com contact page to book, or call on 01752 894160 to discuss before booking.

Sally Potter is a fully qualified and experienced Solution Focused Hypnotherapist with an interest in helping young people to fulfil their potential through better understanding of their own mental and emotional wellbeing.

Stoptober – who’s in?

It’s STOPTOBER! (well, almost)

“Can I really stop smoking with hypnotherapy?”

Yes you can. If you have decided that you really want to stop, hypnotherapy can be the final piece of the jigsaw that actually makes it happen! It take just one, two hour session and you’ll be a non smoker.

A lot of people wonder how this can happen when nicotine is such an addictive substance. The reason is that it isn’t. Nicotine has a very brief effect on our brain, actually increasing anxiety in the long term, and it isn’t powerful enough to be physically addictive. If it was, smokers wouldn’t be able to travel on long haul flights, or even sleep all night, because they would need to get up and have a cigarette. So the ‘addiction’ is really a habit, and hypnosis is excellent at changing habits, however long they have been around. I have successfully treated smokers who started smoking at age 14, and have smoked 20-40 cigarettes every day for years.

In fact, as well as smoking, hypnotherapy can deal with habits such as nail biting,vaping, and anything that you can think of that you want to change. The exciting thing is that we don’t ever need to stay as we are, because our brains are ‘plastic’ meaning that we can change the way we think, feel and behave every day for the whole of our lives!

If you are ready for change, call me on 01752 894160 or email alofthypnotherapy@gmail.com to arrange an appointment.

Here’s to the new you!

Best Wishes,

Sally x

The Importance of Small Steps (2)

So, in a thrilling update to the first ‘importance of small steps’ , Sam Trigg is now competing in Taipei in the Student World Games in his first ever GB vest!

Not only that, but he has jumped into the final!

Good luck Sam – you are an incredible example to us all of what can be achieved with determination, perseverance and very long legs!

“What is hypnosis?”


This is a great question! And it includes other questions such as ‘what will it feel like?’ and ‘what will you do to me?’

The answer is that hypnosis is a natural human state, that we all experience several times an hour every day. If you drive a car on the same route every day, I’m sure there will have been times when you arrived at your destination without really having been aware of your surroundings. Those ‘blank’ moments were when you were in trance, or in a hypnotic state. Your subconscious mind was dealing with the driving, whilst your conscious mind was off doing it’s own thing!

Being hypnotised is a very relaxing experience. Unlike mindfulness, when you are asked to focus deliberately on what is happening right now, in hypnosis we want the mind to let go, and to wander freely. In this altered state of awareness, we are creative, and able to see things in a different way – often coming up with new ideas or solutions. It is when we arrive at these conclusions through our own thoughts, that they have the most power, and that is why hypnotherapy is so effective.

At all times, you the client have control, so, unlike stage hypnosis, you will never be in a position where you do or say anything that you don’t want to. Instead you will discover a new calm clarity of mind where you are fully in control of your life.

I offer a free initial consultation. If you would like to know more, please call me on 01752 894160, to chat or arrange an appointment.

Happy September!

Best Wishes,

Sally x

Helping to Reduce the Autumn Blues

As we start to get ready to go back to work towards the end of the holiday season, and the children are getting their uniforms sorted out, then people’s perceptions of stress may start to increase.

With the start of autumn just a few weeks away, and with the prospect of the nights beginning to draw in, this time of the year can prove itself to be a little daunting.

A possible change in the weather from sunny summery days into a more autumnal outlook can, for some people, also prove to be a little unsettling.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can really be useful for people who may find they need help to manage the change of seasons combined with the return to work.

Sally Potter, a fully insured and qualified Solution Focused Hypnotherapy practitioner, based in Ivybridge and Plymouth, says, “September can be a tough time for some people as they start to try to settle back into a routine of deadlines and meetings.

“Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can really help to reduce stress and promote a calm and relaxed approach to work and life as a whole.”

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a safe and effective treatment which uses modern neuroscience and psychology to bring the mind into its most positive state.

Sessions last for an hour and a client may see their practitioner over a number of appointments to gain the most from the therapy itself.

“It really is amazing”, says Sally. “We see people whose ‘stress buckets’ might be overflowing when they initially come to us, and it’s wonderful to see the transformation over a number of appointments as they become noticeably more relaxed in their approach to life.”

Sally gained the Hypnotherapy Practitioner’s Diploma (HPD) in 2016 and is a member of the Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (AfSFH), which sets out to ensure its members adhere to its high standards and code of conduct.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can also be used to help improve confidence, aid in sleep, ease anger,depression and anxiety-based issues, help with weight management, and also in focusing someone’s mind on stopping smoking in a single session.

You can contact Sally to arrange a free initial consultation using the contact form here, or by calling 01752 894160 where you can leave a message.

Ease Obsessive Thinking with Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

Do you ever struggle with unwanted and intrusive negative thoughts? Do you sometimes find yourself engaged in small ‘rituals’ whereby you check your door is definitely locked again and again and again?
Are you tired of this cycle of endless checking and obsessive behaviour? Are you looking for help to break away from it and so embrace a positive way of managing your life?

If the answer is “yes”, you may find Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help to ease your mind away from thinking endless negative thoughts that can lead to, in extreme cases, you struggling to leave your own home.

“We often see people who come to seek help with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD”, explains Sally Potter, a fully-qualified and insured Solution Focused Hypnotherapy practitioner based in Plymouth and Ivybridge.

“As our daily lives are increasingly stressful in the modern world so, sometimes, our brains struggle to adapt to the challenges we face.

“As such, it tries to protect us by re-checking things again and again, or introducing obsessive thinking into our lives. Negative thoughts then end up in something we term as a ‘stress bucket’ and people may find themselves re-checking things as part of an unwanted habit.

“Solution Focused Hypnotherapy aims to empty the stress bucket so allowing the client to have a more relaxed and confident outlook to their life which, in turn, helps them to stop worrying and focus on the positive aspects of life as a whole.”

Sally offers a free initial consultation to explain how the brain works and how Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can be beneficial for the client. They also provide a relaxation CD for prospective clients during the course of the meeting.

Each session is designed to focus the mind into a mode of positive thinking prior to entering the trance state, which is designed to be relaxing and soothing for the individual.

The number of sessions used by people who have obsessive feelings can vary and, obviously, as with any medical issue, it is important to remember that your GP is also there to help.

Sally was awarded the Hypnotherapy Practitioner’s Diploma (HPD) in 2016 following extensive training as part of the Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy Training course. She is a member of the Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (AfSFH), which ensures its members adhere to a strong ethical code and engage in regular supervision sessions.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can also be used to help improve sleep, aid in weight management, reduce phobias and fears and help people to stop smoking.

Contact Sally here to arrange a free initial consultation or call on 01752 894160 where you can leave a message.