Sleep Audio – 21 Days to better habits

It’s good to have you here!

As you’ve enrolled in the Sleep Academy, I’m going to guess that you would like to improve your sleep?
For the next 21 days, to really make the most of your membership, I want to ask you to give me your full commitment to the information and tasks in the Academy. 

Everything that I ask you to do over the next 21 Days, and all the information I’ll give you, has a basis in science. We’ll be talking about the neuroscience of sleep, the physiology of sleep, and lots of practical information based on these facts, to move you towards better sleep.

Here we go!

The main sleep problems reported by my clients are –

  • Difficulty falling asleep
  • Difficulty staying asleep (waking often during the night)
  • Waking too early

You may fall into one or more of these categories, or you may have a different sleep problem. 
What it all adds up to though, is not enough sleep, or poor quality sleep, which in turn leads to all sorts of problems in our waking hours. 

We’ll talk more about those in later emails. 

Sleep Audio

Attached with this email, you will find my exclusive sleep audio track to download and keep.

For the next 21 days, please listen to the audio track at bedtime. Ideally, go to bed around 10-15 minutes earlier than usual and just put the track on. It doesn’t matter if you don’t hear it all, or if you listen twice, as long as you have it on. 
You may want to listen through earphones, or have the track playing into the room. You’re welcome to share with your partner if they’d like to join in!

The track is designed to be relaxing and to improve REM sleep. I’ll discuss REM later in the week. 

All you need to do for now is listen to the track each night. Don’t have any expectation that you’ll suddenly be sleeping better – we’ll be working together for three weeks, and progress could be gradual. You never know though – for some people, it’s like magic!

Enjoy the track, relax, and look out for tomorrow’s email with the next step.

Sally :)