Upcoming retreat

Learn Self Hypnosis as a self help tool for change
The next residential retreat will be for 3 nights from 29th April. My Self Hypnosis course is included

I feel a very different person today from when I arrived. I feel like I’ve been away two weeks!

Nicky (October ’22 Retreat)

The Healthy Minds Nourishing Wellness Retreat for Women

This is a wellness and mindset retreat for women, in a beautiful natural setting, with expert hypnotherapist Sally Potter It’s for you if you are a woman who has lived, loved and maybe lost, and now you are ready to rediscover yourself at our Devon Wellness Retreat.

When you step into this nurturing, supportive environment, in the foothills of Dartmoor, you’ll discover a safe space. Here you can explore your strengths, try new things and find the first steps towards your real wellness.

This Devon Wellness Retreat is a time for YOU

Put yourself at the centre of things. Allow yourself time and space to reflect, reset and refocus.

Let us look after you for this short piece of time, in order to reset and strengthen your inner resources for the months ahead.

Leave all your problems and worries at the door. Step into our nourishing, supportive space for 3 or 4 nights of peaceful, calm, relaxation and gentle mindset work. With award winning luxury accommodation and superb food, you can just relax.

“I liked the supportive atmosphere. It achieved the unusual combination of being caring but not intrusive ”

Beryl Badger, January ’23 retreat

It’s a gift of love to yourself.

“What will you remember most about the retreat?”

“The love and care that was at the heart of everything”

Paula, October ’22 retreat