Do you suffer with insomnia? Does your work prevent you from sleeping well?

Sleep is known to be crucial to our wellbeing. It’s easily as important to sleep as it is to achieve when we are awake. If you are not getting enough sleep, or good quality sleep, hypnotherapy can help.

Sleep deprivation, even over a short period, is now know to have serious detrimental effects, including making diseases such as cancer and diabetes more likely. Lack of sleep has also been implicated in the rise in cases of Alzheimers disease. Many of us don’t get the amount or the quality of sleep that we need for optimum health, and for some it’s been going on for so long that tiredness is ‘normal’. Late nights, burning the candle at both ends, shift work, exams can all lead to a loss of sleep.

What can be done about it? Hypnosis is a fabulous tool for resetting the sleep pattern that we need. It reduces anxiety, and because there is some replication of REM sleep during trance, it actually can be the equivalent of a good nights’ sleep in itself. When sleep improves, we often see a fast and remarkable improvement in levels of anxiety, memory, creativity and performance.

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