Here’s what you can expect at a typical Healthy Minds Nourishing Retreat

The Itinerary for the  Healthy Minds Nourishing Retreat is designed to give you space and time to relax first and foremost.

At the same time, we offer you a variety of activities and workshops which you can choose to take part in.

The theme for the each retreat is slightly different. In essence though, the aim is to help you to reset and reconnect, with yourself and with others. It’s perfect for you if you have a busy life with little time to yourself.

Alongside,  Sally is on hand throughout with time

Three women comfortably relaxed on a sofa writing or drawing

for conversation around topics to do with mental health, women’s health, relationships, business, sleep, anxiety and much more.

Previous retreat attendees have enjoyed the space and the freedom to just ‘be’

So good to meet you all. What a fabulous group, such wonderful, constructive insights, questions and guidance and the food, well, no words!

Beryl Badger – January 2023 retreat

Intentional Movement


We have a wonderful wild space on our doorstep where we will walk, and breathe the fresh air. Walks can be short or long, and we’ll always take a pace that’s just right for the group.
It’s my plan to see the sunrise over the fields, and to gaze at the stars in the dark night. I like to leave a bit of room for flexibility in the retreat itinerary, so that we can walk with the weather!

One of the short walks we most enjoy is to the Golf Club Cafe for a coffee and some of their great cake :)

Laughter etc :)

In addition to walking, we may include a gentle movement class such as pilates or Tai Chi, led by a local expert practitioner. If the group wants to, Sally can lead a laughter yoga session – fabulous for physical and mental health!

The retreat itinerary is deliberately loose, so that each group can choose the pace and structure which feels right. Sally has an intuitive feel for what’s needed, and guides, rather than leads the retreats.

Image shows four women standing on Dartmoor, chatting in wet weather clothing


As you begin to relax when you arrive at the Cottages at Blackadon Farm, you’ll notice your creativity growing. It’s a marvellous opportunity  to tap into some inspiration, which you may find in unexpected places.

Our Autumn retreats are all about settling into the new season, with the emphasis on a balanced and peaceful life.

To help this happen, I have a lovely workshop for you on the Sunday of the retreat itinerary. We’ll delve deep into your subconscious to discover hidden strengths and resources, and see how these resources can be used to your benefit in the coming months. You’ll leave with a focus and a clearer understanding of the unique person you are. This workshop will equip your mind to lead you in the direction of what you really want and need as the year draws to a close.

Image shows Sally Potter delivering a workshop. There is a whiteboard and Sally is using her hands to demonstrate 

Image credit Calire with the Camera

Craft at the Healthy Minds Retreat

We’ve also got a beautiful craft workshop in the itinerary on Saturday. Jess Trigg will be working alongside us to create watercolour postcards. Jess creates bespoke cards for all occasions, using simple and amazingly effective techniques. After the workshop, you’ll be able to continue to create using the materials Jess will leave with us for the weekend.

If you haven’t painted before, you may discover just how relaxing it can be to lose yourself in this lovely activity. Guests at the October and January retreats produced some lovely postcards, but the greatest achievement was the sense of calm.

New for October ’23 – Mandala painting on pebbles (TBC)

Image shows a woman immersed in using watercolours to paint.


We’ve woven relaxation through the Healthy Minds Retreat itinerary, as it’s such a vital element of a healthy life. Sally’s expertise in in helping people learn to relax, so by the time you’ve been here a few hours, you’ll be really winding down.

When we allow ourselves to deeply relax, we activate the parasympathetic nervous system which creates the best environment for our body and mind to operate at it’s best.

When you arrive, there will be plenty of time to settle in and find your way around. After supper and before bed, Sally will lead a relaxation session so that you sleep well and wake refreshed in the morning.

Neals Yard Remedies Organic

You’ll receive a goody bag with some lovely items to use during the retreat. On one evening we’ll finish with a relaxing foot soak or hand massage using the Neals Yard Women’s Balance range – perfect for settling and resetting.

Image shows hands holding a book with soft light

Free Time

All important, there’s plenty of time on the Healthy Minds Retreat itinerary where there are no planned activities. Take time to nap, read, chat, walk, have a bath. Whatever takes your fancy.

Sally is always on hand during the day and evening for conversation and check-ins.

Helen Phillips Sound Journey

I’m thrilled that Helen will be taking us on a beautiful Sound Journey on Saturday Evening. This is what Helen has to say –

Helen’s Sound Meditation-The perfect way to relax, unwind, let go of any stress or tension and refresh the body and mind. Using a variety of beautiful global instruments including Hangs, Drums, Gongs and Singing bowls I will immerse you in beautiful sounds, frequencies and vibrations to help ease your body, mind and spirit leading to a place of stillness, deep relaxation and rest. Laying on a mat and snuggling under a blanket, a time just for you!

Sound journey instruments and Helen

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