Our Guest Expert for April is Emma Skilton

I’m delighted that in April our Nourish Guest expert will be Emma Skilton. Emma is a One of Many Women’s Coach, and a friend of mine for over 10 years.

We met when we both became Neals Yard Organics Consultants on the same day, and I have followed Emma’s journey ever since.

You can book to join Emma and I on the 27th April using the link below. You’ll be taken to the appointment page – Guest Expert sessions are listed under ‘Nourish’

Guest Expert sessions are free for Nourish members. You can find out more and join Nourish here.

Image shows Emma Skilton

Read about Emma

“My journey of self development and coaching started in my twenties. Feel the Fear And Do It Anyway was the first book I remember reading. Then later, You Can Heal Your Life. Both books opened my eyes to a different way of looking at myself and my life.
Today I empower my clients to experience more joy, energy and confidence in their lives.

A wealth of experience

By combining many years of coaching groups of women and then one to one clients with bespoke coaching, I am making use of my arts background, nutritional therapy, samba dance teaching, holistic therapy and One Of Many coaching tools. I believe that a holistic approach to coaching brings great benefits.

Let Go and Grow

I call my coaching programmes “Let Go And Grow.” When we are able to let go of past events and limiting beliefs that are holding us back from living a life we really want, we are free to experience greater happiness, confidence and success.

Samba Dance

From 2000 until 2016 Samba dance was a huge part of my life. I used exercise and samba dance to boost the confidence of the women in my workshops and together we performed at hundreds of events over the years.
During this time I realised that some of the participants  needed more than exercise to support their mental health. This led me to train as an emotional coach, a method that releases trapped emotion connected to past trauma in a gentle safe way.
I love teaching workshops and my desire to keep developing my own inner work led me to also run Artist Way workshops for four years and I could see how by  providing  a safe space for women they could really face areas of their lives that had been holding them back and find ways to overcome those barriers.

Gut Health

In 2019 I trained as a nutritional therapist as I became increasingly interested in the connection between gut health and the effect on our overall wellbeing. I recognise the importance of balancing the microbiome and have introduced many clients to my 21 day gut reset programme as part of their journey to elite health and greater wellbeing,
Also Certified in the Science of Wellbeing, that uses positive psychology and science based evidence to teach us how to gain more happiness. I can incorporate a number of methods to support my clients.
In 2022 I became a One Of Many Certified Women’s Coach. This qualification has allowed me to bring all my skills together and offer exceptional quality coaching with tools that get results.
With all the experience I have I take a holistic approach to life and can tailor a package to my clients  individual needs.
I help women Let go of disempowering habits and learn new behaviours to grow inner confidence and experience greater wellbeing.”
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