Our Gut Microbiome

Huge thanks for a brilliant, informative Guest Expert session on the subject of our gut microbiome with Emma Skilton.

Emma is an expert in gut health. She talked about the gut microbiome and its importance in all aspects of our mental and physical health.

It’s so influential that the population of our gut can affect our energy levels, stress levels, immunity, even our relationships. When we get the balance right, we improve memory, learning and mood, just for a start.

From yuck to yum in our gut

Emma took us on a roller coaster ride of reactions when she revealed facts including

  • Our gut is populated with bacteria, viruses and FUNGUS!
  • A microbiome that is out of balance can contribute to anxiety and depression
  • Dark chocolate is actually good for our our microbiome!
  • But only one square a day :(
  • The same for red wine – just the one small glass

Want to know more about your own gut microbiome?

Emma has a free Lifestyle Analysis on her website. Complete this and she’ll get back to you with an evaluation and recommendations for improving your wellbeing.

Guest Expert sessions are free for Nourish members. They are also recorded and added to The Vault where members can watch again. You can find out more and join Nourish here

Our next Guest Expert session is with biologist Kiri Harris. Kiri will be talking about her experience of PMDD (Pre Menstrual Disphoric Disorder) and the effect of hormones on our mental health.

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