Performance Under Pressure

Would you like to feel confident in pressure situations?

Many occasions call upon us to ‘perform’ at our best – exams, speeches, our wedding day, a sports event. What’s more, these performances come with pressure to ‘succeed’. Can you already feel your heart racing at the thought?

How would it be if you felt confident performing under pressure?

You know how it goes – your rational mind knows you can do this. In some cases, you’ve already achieved your goal successfully more than once. However this time, the primitive part of your brain steps in and you find yourself frozen to the spot, or desperately wanting to run away. As a result, you feel a failure, your confidence takes a dive

This can happen for all sorts of reasons, but often at the root of this ‘failure’ is an over full stress bucket. Too much has gone in and it’s overflowed, leaving you unable to cope with even simple things ( or at least theyperformance used to be simple!)

Hypnotherapy is an amazing tool for emptying your stress bucket. Within just a few sessions you will find that life begins to feel easier again. Therefore the goals you set yourself are no longer so far out of reach. Even if your fear of public speaking, or your inability to finish a race or an exam paper are long standing issues, once we set to work on your stress bucket, change is set in motion. What follows is that the confidence that has always been yours begins to shine again.

If you’d like to feel that inner confidence, and be able to perform at your best whatever the situation, give me a call on 01752 894160 or use the contact form.

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