*”Thank you Sally you have been amazing and it was just what I needed to get me back on track. I will be recommending you … to everyone!!”

JB via text, July 2016

*I first met Sally sweating my heart out at a Hiit class at some ungodly hour in the morning. Middle-aged women trying to hang on to their youth and figures we had lots of fun and laughs. I admired her strength and kindness to…

Ruth, by email, August 2016

*I have made some great progress with you Sally, very powerful, thank you!  

Deb, via facebook, April 2016

*I have been seeing Sally at Aloft Hypnotherapy for a few months now. Her gentle, calm and caring approach has helped me control and overcome some bad anxiety habits, that were effecting me physically and mentally. Thank you Sally for your wonderful Hypnosis sessions,…

Jasmine, via facebook, April 2016

*The combination of a demanding job and family life left me feeling completely overwhelmed and out of control. This led me into a vicious circle of poor sleep, acute anxiety and procrastination. I was desperately unhappy and fearful. Working with Sally at Aloft Hypnotherapy…

Jonathan, October 2016

*PAIN AND FATIGUE I went to see Sally to help with both chronic and acute musculoskeletal pain as well as chronic fatigue. Sally was very confident from the beginning that she could help me, although after many years of trying different treatments I was…

Caroline, February 2017

*Hello Sally, Just to let you know, the tender presentation went really well…worried about talking for 15 minutes – ended up doing 45…thanks so much! M x

Public Speaking

During my first consultation with Sally she mentioned the words “almost like magic”. Well, for me, that almost feels like an understatement. I can now clearly see that I had lapsed into a state of anxious misery; unable to see the good things around…

Anxiety – MC, September 2017*

Wow, Sally, thank you so much for your help! I was fearful of flying and airports for so many years and had so many other insecurities and doubts. Since seeing you I feel much more happier and positive about life and I can frequent…

Kate – Fear of Flying – May 2018
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