Anxiety – MC, September 2017*

During my first consultation with Sally she mentioned the words “almost like magic”. Well, for me, that almost feels like an understatement.

I can now clearly see that I had lapsed into a state of anxious misery; unable to see the good things around me as I was so focused on negative work based thoughts or feelings and the possible outcomes that may or may not materialise.

I’d been proactive in exploring wellbeing techniques which helped keep control of my work stresses but it was not helping me to focus on the positive aspects of my life. Neither was it addressing what I can now clearly recognise as a loss of my sense of perspective and an inability to prevent my inner thoughts from reacting to anxious feelings rather than reality.

Sally helped me to focus on the outcomes I was looking for and reinforced it using SFH {Solution Focused Hypnotherapy}

I now understand how my inner brain had learned to deal with the daily stresses in my life in a less than satisfactory way and I think I can even identify a particular period when things started to go wrong. But, to be honest I’m not that interested in the past. My thoughts, thanks to Sally are now centered on my immediate reality rather than the past or anxious feelings about possible futures.

A couple of months on and I now recognise myself, once again, as the positive optimist I used to be several years ago. And do you know what, it’s amazing how many good things have happened since then. Coincidence? I think not.

As a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist I cannot recommend Sally Potter enough. Neither, for that matter, can my wife who has witnessed the positive result and is very pleased to have the old me back!


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