Caroline, February 2017


I went to see Sally to help with both chronic and acute musculoskeletal pain as well as chronic fatigue. Sally was very confident from the beginning that she could help me, although after many years of trying different treatments I was rather sceptical.

Almost from the beginning I was able to relax my body quickly and fully while in trance and benefitted from a great deal of pain relief whilst under. She also taught me dissociation techniques to switch off my mind to specific painful areas. After months of treatment, I still see Sally regularly just for that wonderful feeling of being somewhat pain-free when in trance. Just half an hour of break from it is an amazing feeling.
However, the treatment went further than that. Sally helped me deal with my “painsomnia” so that although I don’t necessarily get more hours of sleep, those hours are much better quality. When I am awake during the night, I am now able to self-hypnotise so that my body is at least relaxed even if I am not asleep. This has had a huge effect – I am less tired and able to cope with the pain better.
In addition Sally helped me in another way – I had always felt I had a good, positive attitude to my life, so was surprised when Sally helped me realise I had unresolved feelings of grief about my disability and the life I had ‘lost’. This was something I was able to work through with her and has left me more peaceful and accepting of my life as it is.
It is not an exaggeration to say that Sally has changed my life for the better. She has given me tools to use, alongside conventional medicine, to get through each day and be able to enjoy it. A more positive outlook helps me to cope with pain and fatigue which will never completely go away, but which I am now much more able to deal with on a day to day basis. Caroline

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