Ruth, by email, August 2016

*I first met Sally sweating my heart out at a Hiit class at some ungodly hour in the morning. Middle-aged women trying to hang on to their youth and figures we had lots of fun and laughs. I admired her strength and kindness to others she ran two jobs brought up three children whilst her husband worked away and seemed to always be smiling. I on the other hand looked after my elderly rather disabled mother craved for my grown up children had little or no self-esteem or confidence and spent most of life in tears. The fitness classes were a relief for me but when I injured myself I was distraught. Sally took me on as a Guinea pig for her new Hypnotherapy business I wasn’t quite sure what to expect or if she could help me and my demons.
I have Bi Polar I have had it all my life diagnosed as manic depression at the age of 8. I have hidden it and the drugs I have to take all my life. Coped with the mood swings and suicide attempts managed when people have walked away thinking me weird or over the top. Listened to endless psychologists and taken endless horrible drugs to keep me stable. But Sally is the only person (apart from one NH psychotherapist) who has managed to make me understand and see how to cope with the lows and highs of life. I have told very few people of this illness and suddenly it doesn’t seem to be a dirty secret any longer I put that down to the confidence I have gained from Sally.

At my first session with Sally she announced that she would not be able to cure my bi polar but would possibly be able to help me manage it. We chatted and laughed she dug deep into my soul without me minding. I stopped biting my nails within three weeks* something I have done for ever. I started to sleep better but most of all I seemed to believe that life was not just about other people.
I really am not sure what the magic is but I do know that this summer has been pretty difficult with my mother becoming too ill for me to manage which in turn caused horrible family politics. I injured my knee which prevented me from running which keeps me sane. I got through it all with Sally’s help teaching me how to empty the stress bucket. I look forward to my sessions with her and yet it really feels like visiting a lovely friend whom I seem to dump a lot of trash on she unravels it tells me I am fantastic and I come home happy. I have accepted that I have to be on drugs but Sally is teaching me that it’s not just about the drugs that make me a good person.
She is the best.*

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