Welcome to Nourish!

We, Sandy and Sally,  are so happy that you’ve decided to join us and become part of ‘Women Supporting Women’

Nourish has come about because of the beautiful shared experience of our Healthy Minds Retreats.

During these retreats, we rely on one another and also the amazing women who attend the retreats, to support what we do. It’s those shared activities, conversations and let’s face it, food, that we want to extend into our ‘Nourish’ membership.

Our basic offering here includes workshops delivered by guest experts, wellness and mindset sessions from Sally, and food and recipes from Sandy.

Below is some information to help you access these.

There’s an events tab on the website where you can see what’s coming up.

Workshops, and relaxation sessions are open to everyone, members and non members. There is no charge to Nourish members, so you’ll need to use a code when you make your booking for these events.

  • For relaxation sessions the code is NOURISHFREE
  • For workshops (Guest experts) the code is NOURISHMYMIND
  • For Supper Club the code is NOURISHME

Le us know what topics you’d like to see in NOURISH. It’s all about supporting one another so let’s work together to get it right!


Sally and Sandy