I will not lie, I was very nervous about hypnosis as I thought it would be a complete loss of control of my body and having PTSD that is the last thing that I wanted. However Sally was so supportive and answered all the questions I had to reassure me and the experience was nothing like what I originally thought.

The biggest difference I noticed was after the first session. I was struggling to leave my room and anxiety would set in when I tried too. However my mind responded really well to hypnosis and after that first session the anxiety of the actual motion to leave was relieved and its like it just disappeared.


What is hypnosis?

Often people are sceptical or nervous about coming for hypnotherapy, because of the mystery and myths that surround hypnosis.

There’s really no mystery, because hypnosis, or trance, is a very natural state of mind for all of us.

It can best be described as a state of relaxed attention. The subject will feel very relaxed and at the same time very aware. We often see children in trance, and describe this as daydreaming. The subconscious is off on a journey of it’s own. We are at our most creative in this state.

It’s this state of mind that allows a therapist to make suggestions for the benefit of the client. The client is ALWAYS in control, and contrary to what stage hypnotists would have us believe, hypnosis can’t be used to make you do anything you don’t want to do.

A hypnotherapist uses hypnosis to reinforce the things the client wants to change.

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